Pulse Practice is a healthcare group based in Bourne, South Lincolnshire that has evolved from its origins as the Bourne Osteopath Clinic and expanded into a multi disciplinary practice housed in modern premises developed to provide the latest standards in health care.

Mr Jo Sunner, who founded the practice, is recognised as the longest established provider of osteopathic care in Bourne and also at the Fitzwilliam Hospital in Peterborough where he works with surgeons and consultants in pain management, rheumatology and orthopaedics. He has extensive experience in diagnostic methods and treatments which can be provided at Pulse Practice or at the Fitzwilliam Hospital with referral to hospital consultants privately if required.

The Pulse Practice touches the lives hundreds of patients a year by offering speedy access to practitioners who provide healthcare of the highest quality to patients on a daily basis. All practitioners at Pulse Practice are fully qualified, registered with their appropriate professional bodies and fully committed to upholding the clinic's promise of 'Care Beyond Boundaries'.

Mr Jo Sunner BSc(ost.) DO. MMSM. - Clinical Director / Osteopath

Tel: 07943 336336
E-Mail: josunner@aol.com
WWW: osteopathclinic.com

Jo Sunner

Mr Nathan Stuart - Audiologist

Tel: 01778 382500
E-Mail: hearingcare@ndstuart.co.uk
WWW: www.ndstuart.co.uk

Nathan Stuart

Katie T Sunner. S.A.C Dip ( FHP-advanced ). RFHP - Footcare

Tel: 07719 154514
E-Mail: katesunner@aol.com
WWW: www.bournefootcare.com

Katie Sunner

Mr Keith Read MFHT - Sports and Body Massage Therapist

Tel: 01780 435003 Internet/VoIP number, dialing code maybe required
Tel: 07904 051873
E-Mail: keithread8@aol.com
WWW: www.handson-massage.co.uk

Keith Read

Keith Openshaw - HPC registered and Chartered Physiotherapist

Tel: 01778 426000
E-Mail: c-openshaw@sky.com

Keith Openshaw

Amy Thorley BA(Hons), CBT Dip. - Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Tel: 07514 014786
E-Mail: behappycbt@icloud.com

Amy Thorley