Mr Jo Sunner BSc(ost.) DO. MMSM.

Tel: 07943 336336
E-Mail: josunner@aol.com
WWW: osteopathclinic.com

All consultations with Jo Sunner focus on the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders without the use of drugs or surgery. Jo Sunner is the Principle at The Pulse Practice and is the Boume areas longest established osteopath. Jo consults at the Filzwilliam Hospital, working with orthopaedic consultants, Pain Management consultants and Consultant Rhumatologists. In Bourne, all treatments are in a medical practice, providing the perfect safe, caring environment giving necessary peace of mind to you, the patient.

Treatments are available Monday - Saturday with free parking at the rear of the premises.

The clinic is open to everyone.

Jo Sunner treats musculoskeletal disorders that may cause: stiff and painful neck - muscle spasm - unable to raise arm - unable to sleep on shoulder - difficulty sitting - difficulty standing - tingling/pins and needles in arm/fingers - buttock pain - leg pain

Jo Sunner